About The Aboriginal Peoples Program


IMG 0108The overall goal of the Aboriginal Languages Initiative (ALI) is to support preservation and promotion of Aboriginal languages for future generations of Aboriginal peoples and other Canadians.

Expected results and outcomes of the ALI program include:

  • Community-based access to programs and activities that support Aboriginal communities in the preservation and promotion of Aboriginal languages and cultures;
  • Aboriginal communities have the capacity to enhance languages and cultures; and
  • Aboriginal languages and cultures are preserved and promoted as living cultures.

The objective of the ALI Innovation Fund is to encourage and support innovative community based language projects utilizing existing technology in the promotion and preservation of First Nations languages.

Definition of Innovation

For the purposes of this fund, innovation is a process which leads to the generation, development and implementation of creative ideas to produce new or improved products.

Eligible Projects

Proposed projects should clearly demonstrate how the technology will enhance desired language outcomes. Examples of outcomes may include:

  • Increased numbers of learners reached;
  • Increased promotion of the language; standardization through technology to archive a language;
  • Adaptation of existing technologies to support language learning;
  • Development of content, including video/audio/text for existing websites; etc.

To be considered for funding, projects should also be able to be duplicated and shared between communities and languages without the need for additional resources. Priority will be given to proposals that clearly demonstrate the innovative nature of the proposed project. A project has the following characteristics:

  • stated start and end dates;
  • one or more goals;
  • measurable objectives; and
  • the identification of an activity or activities designed to achieve the goal(s) and objectives.

To qualify for funding, projects must:

  • have sufficient value to ensure interest
  • create unique digital products/resources or augment existing collections;
  • utilize existing technologies;
  • use standard formats wherever possible;
  • comply with the goals, objectives and principles of the Aboriginal Languages Initiative, particularly the objectives of preservation and promotion of First Nation languages;
  • show clear evidence of its relevance to the promotion and preservation of First Nations languages and demonstrate an appropriate strategy for its effective use for these purposes;
  • ensure that materials to be digitized are of the highest quality possible; and
  • not duplicate or replace existing federal or provincial/territorial First Nation languages education programs.