About MNRI

IMG 0124Maliseet Nation Radio Inc. (MNRI), is a not for profit organization, which has been operating CKTP Radio 95.7 FM in Fredericton, NB, Canada since late in 2002.

MNRI, operating as CKTP Radio 95.7 FM is the model for the "Wabanaki Voices East Radio Network" (WVE). It is the vision of MNRI to expand their broadcasting message into a wider New Brunswick/Atlantic, First Nation Radio Network designed to develop and deliver a communication and educational tools that can be targeted at the various First Nations Reserves.

This project also serves to provide an opportunity for MNRI to offer each Reserve access to specific language needs, cultural support, information of value to their community and, various methods of distributing Maliseet language instruction and, Mother-Tongue programming through various medias such as CD/mp3, streaming audio on the Internet and Radio broadcasts.


Our Mandate

  • Dedicated to the preservation of Maliseet and Aboriginal language and culture;
  • Dedicated to the help generate some of the funding necessary to develop culture and educational tools for Aboriginal Nation youth;
  • Dedicated to providing Aboriginal programming and news from across Canada through organizations such as the Aboriginal Voices Network;
  • Dedicated to providing a communication network for four Maliseet and Aboriginal Nations in St. Mary's, Oromocto, Kingsclear and Woodstock;
  • Dedicated to providing a communication network to the Aboriginal people living in the greater Fredericton area;
  • Dedicated to providing a community based radio station serving the needs of the entire Fredericton area;

Our Mission

  • To serve the Community needs of the greater Fredericton area;
  • To serve the Aboriginal needs of the First Nations communities of:
  • St. Mary's, Oromocto, Kingsclear, Woodstock
  • To provide Aboriginal programming and news from across Canada;
  • To provide local programming and opportunities for the community;
  • To play your favorite "Rock-N-Blues" music everyday;

Station Profile

We operate one of Fredericton's newest community based radio stations (95.7 FM) playing an "Rock-N-Blues" musical format.

We are Aboriginal owned and operated serving the greater Fredericton area including, the Aboriginal Nations of St. Mary's, Oromocto, Kingsclear, Woodstock (107.7 FM) and, we are now broadcasting 24/7 on the World Wide Web at: www.957thewolf.ca

Audience Profile

15 TO 65...
Expensive tastes and high disposable income - Easily influenced - Impulse buyer s- Well educated with post secondary education - Very active socially and physically - Living in Fredericton, Oromocto, Kingsclear, Woodstock and surrounding areas;

We offer a unique advertising opportunity for your business by reaching a wide audience variety within the Fredericton and surrounding area as well as a large audience form the 3 local First Nations Aboriginal communities of St. Mary's, Oromocto and Kingsclear. Currently, we rank 6th in a market of 12 radio stations with over 14,000 listeners tuning in each day!